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The Eric G. Norfeldt School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is a dedicated group of parent and teachers volunteers.

Our mission is to:  

Support education with programs, experiences and resources that positively impact and enhance the academic, social and emotional development of all Norfeldt students.

Foster community by planning, organizing and hosting fun, collaborative, inclusive events and activities that celebrate our diversity while providing opportunities for students, faculty and families to connect with one another.

Parents are also encouraged to join the PTO and to attend PTO-sponsored events and PTO general meetings held regularly throughout the school year. Please see the PTO's Monthly Newsletter and Calendar of Events for more information about upcoming events and meetings.

The Norfeldt PTO uses an online resource called Konstella. Konstella was developed to assist parents by consolidating the multiple tools needed today to maintain school involvement into just one site. Please see the Konstella section below for more information.

Contact the PTO:

Co-Presidents: Meghan Girard ( & Stacey Deaso (

Vice President: Alex Heilbrunn (

Accommodations Liaison: Jenifer Black (

Communications Chair: Ann Jarrett (

Treasurer: Lauren Ursillo (

Fundraising Co-Chairs: Genna Griffith ( & Ilona Gooley (

Volunteer Coordinators: Stacey Deaso ( & Heather Moore (

Enrichment Co-Chairs: Alex Heilbrunn ( & Saachi Tarr (

Teacher Representatives: Joan Greenfield ( & Meaghan Reilly (


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