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Read Alouds - 32 Picture Book Challenge

32 Picture Book Challenge

Video Introduction

reading is dreaming
can you choose a favorite
1. "A Fine, Fine School" read by Jen Kabakoff
Fine fine school
2. "Life on Mars" read by Bryan Cistulli
2Life on Mars
3. "The Book With No Pictures" read by Meaghan Reilly
Book with no picture
4. "Wolfie the Bunny" read by Kim Robinson
5. "Hot Dog" read by Melinda Dore
Hot Dog
6. "Not Quite Narwhal" read by Emily Laucks
7. "I am Love" read by Sheila Tebecio
I am Love
8. "Dragonboy and the 100 Hearts" read by Kate Marques
9. "This Book is Perfect!" read by Jen Derick
10. "Nerdy Birdy" read by Kathleen Jastrzebski
Nerdy Birdy
11. "The Lion Inside" read by Laurie Kobelski
The Lion Inside
12. "Chickens to the Rescue" read by Thej Singh
Chickens to the Rescue
13. "Chairs on Strike" read by Jill Larson
Chairs on Strike
14. "That is Not a Good Idea" read by Jill Larson
15. "The Snowy Day" read by Steven Muska
16. "Don't Eat Bees" read by Aimee Heaton
Dont Eat Bees
17. "The King Penguin" read by Aimee Heaton
The King Penguin
18. "If You Laugh I'm Starting This Book Over" read by Gabby Azarigian
If You Laugh Im Starting this Book Over
19. "The Serious Goose" read by Gabby Azarigian
20. "Unicorns are the Worst" read by Erin Abrams
21. "Naughty Nana" read by Michele Siegel
Naughty Nana
32. "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry & the Big Hungry Bear " read by Carolyn Collins
22. "Earings" read by Jeanne DiGiacomo
23. "Do Not Bring Your Dragon to Recess" read by Lori Durocher
24. "Mother Bruce" read by Julie Breton
Mother Bruce
25. "Interrupting Chicken" read by Jen Derick & Michelle Wendehack
Interrupting Chicken
26. "Be Quiet!" read by Jen Derick, Erin Abrams, & Michelle Wendehack
Be Quiet
27. "The Great Big Book of Families" read by Shelly Knebel
The Great Big Book
28. "Jabari Jumps" read by Tessa Lajoie
Jabari Jumps
29. "Those Darn Squirrels" read by Rick Bassett
30. "The Big Cheese" read by Ali Campagna
Big Cheese
31. "The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors" read by Joan Greenfield, Steven Muska, and Jill Larson
Rock Paper Scissors
32. "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry & the Big Hungry Bear " read by Carolyn Collins

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