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Read Alouds - 32 Picture Book Challenge

32 Picture Book Challenge

Video Introduction

reading is dreaming
can you choose a favorite
1. "Sam's Sandwich" read by Jen Derick
Sams Sandwich
2. "Grumpy Monkey" read by Elizabeth Russell
Grumpy Monkey
3. "Harvey the Heart had too many Farts" read by Jessica Johnson
4. "Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea" read by Dr. Roszena Haskins
Kamala and Mayas Big Idea
5. "Someday a Bird will Poop on You" read by Rick Bassett
Someday a Bird Will Poop on You
6. "The Proudest Blue" read by Kathleen Jastrzebski
The Proudest Blue
7. "Christian, the Hugging Lion" read by Aimee Heaton
8. "The Serious Goose" read by Jessica Richard
The Serious Goose
9. "Trombone Shorty" read by Aimee Heaton
Trombone Shorty
10. "The Box Turtle" read by Kayla Van Calcar
The Box Turtle
11. "Bronco and Friends-A Party to Remember" read by Kayla Van Calcar
Bronco and Friends
12. "Milo Imagines the World" read by Emily Laucks
13. "Dinos Don't Do Yoga" read by Kerry Jones
Dinos Dont Do Yoga
14. "The Hiccupotamus" read by Brittney Zieller-Bliss
15. "Owen" read by Jill Larson
16. "Library Lion" read by Jeff Alquist
Library Lion
17. "Ish" read by Ellen Cercone
18. "Harriet Gets Carried Away" read by Jennifer Kabakoff
19. "The Great Fuzz Frenzy" read by Elizabeth Russell
The Great Fuzz Frenzy
20. "Earrings" read by Teresa Coursey
21. "Green Green" read by Michelle Wendehack
Green Green
22. "Take Care, Good Knight" read by Elizabeth Russell
23. "Maddie’s Fridge" read by Michele Siegel
Maddies Fridge
24. "Miss Nelson is Missing!" read by Ali Campagna
Miss Nelson is Missing
25. "Miss Rumphius" read by Steve Muska
Miss Rumphius
26. "The Good Egg" read by Laurie Kobelski
The Good Egg
27. "We Do Not Eat Our Classmates" read by Ashley Callan
We Do Not Eat Our Classmates
28. "Beautiful Oops" read by Jeanne DiGiacomo
Beautiful Oops
29. "Three Squeezes" read by Tracey George
Three Squeezes
30. "Little Pig Saves the Ship" read by Rick Bassett
Little Pig
31. Wait and See" read by Jill Larson
32. "One" read by Jen Derick