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Read Alouds - 32 Picture Book Challenge

32 Picture Book Challenge

Video Introduction

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reading is dreaming
can you choose a favorite
1. "Extra Yarn" read by Leslie Roberts
1 Extra Yarn read by Leslie Roberts
2. "Giraffe Problems" read by Sally Pardee
2 Giraffe Problems read by Sally Pardee
3. "Rainbow Fish" read by Gretchen Nelson
3 Rainbow Fish read by Gretchen Nelson
4. "Mother Bruce" read by Laurie Kobelski
4 Mothe rBruce read by Laurie K
5. "This is Not That Kind of Book" read by Brianna Loyot
5 This is Not That Kind of Book read by Brianna Loyot
6. "Grumpy Monkey" read by Shery Bober
Grumpy Monkey read by Shery Bober
7. "Sticks" read by Erica Moses
Sticks read by Erica Moses
8. "Carmela Full of Wishes" read by Michelle Lacroix
Carmela Ful of Wishes read by Michelle Lacroix
9. "The Day the Crayons Quit" read by Aimee Heaton
The Day the Crayons Quit read by Aimee Heaton
10. "Say Something" read by Lori Andrada
Say Something read by Lori Andrada
11. "Strictly No Elephants" read by Lisa Besman
Strictly No Elephants read by Lisa Besman
12. "Thank You, Mr. Falker" read by Steven Muska
Thank You Mr Falker read by Steven Muska
13. "Hair Love" read by Kathleen Jastrzebski
Hair Love read by Kathleen Jastrzebski
14. "Gaston" read by Jill Larson
Gaston read by Jill Larson
15. "This Little Light of Mine" read by Trystan Brunet
This Little Light of Mine read by Trystan Brunet
16. "Argyle Fox" read by Alyssa DeMauro
Argyle Fox read by Alyssa DeMauro
17. "The Circus Ship" read by Jeanne DiGiacomo
The Circus Ship read by Jeanne DiGiacomo
18. "High Five" read by Brittney Bliss
High Five read by Brittney Bliss
19. "Truman" read by Lori Durocher
Truman read by Lori Durocher
20. "I'm Not Just a Scribble" read by Chrissy Civetelli
Im Not Just a Scribble read by Chrissy Civetelli
21. "Never Let a Unicorn Scribble" read by Michele Siegel
Never Let a Unicorn Scribble read by Michele Siegel
22. "The Paperbag Princess" read by Jill Larson
The Paperbag Princess read by Jill Larson
23. "Firenze's Light" read by Kate Marques
Firenze's Light read by Kate Marques
24. "Penguin Problems" read by Rick Bassett
24. Penguin Problems read by Rick Bassett
25. "Too Shy for Show and Tell" read by Maria Brito Gutierrez
Too Shy for Show and Tell read by Maria Brito Gutierrez
26. "Stick and Stone" read by Angela Angelini
Stick and Stone read by Angela Angelini
27. "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More" read by Sylvia Warjas
I Ain't Gonna Paint No More read by Sylvia Warjas
28. "The Adventures of Taxi Dog" read by Joan Greenfield
28 The Adventures of Taxi Dog
29. "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" read by Jessica Johnson
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs read by Jessica Johnson
30. "Nobody Hugs a Cactus" read by Jen Derick
Nobody Hugs a Cactus read by Jen Derick
31. "Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker" read by Michelle Wendehack
Lacey Walker Nonstop Talker read by Michelle Wendehack
32. "Trap 3 Little Pigs" read by Kyle Exum
Trap 3 Little Pigs read by Kyle Exum